Kitchen & Bath: Plan & Finish Only

Is this the right service for you?

You want a designer to create a cabinet plan, design the space, and make all furniture, finish, and accessories selections, but want to implement the design on your own and have your own contractor.

Kitchen & Bath Plan & Finish Only is our semi-full service options. If your goal is to have a designer to create a design plan, but you want to shop for everything and implement the plan on your own timeline, then this is going to be the best option for you! A designer's eye up front with DIY on the finish, with Kitchen & Bath Plan and Finish Only you get the best of both worlds!

Just the Design Plan is an in person service for clients in the Greater Orlando area.

Kitchen and Bath Plan and Finish Only is priced per room

What's included?

  • A design board with 1-2 design concepts
  • A floor plan with cabinetry layout
  • One 3D rendering
  • Elevations of all walls
  • Finish samples to touch and feel
  • Selection of all furniture, finishes, equipment, and accessories you need to create a beautiful room from floor to ceiling
  • Up to five sets of revisions
  • A specification list with links to shop for all items
  • Product descriptions and images to use to find items of a similar style, but different price point
  • A FULL set of plans for your contractor
  • A scheduled plan review with you and your contractor

To create a fully fleshed out space with the level of detail seen in my portfolio images, I recommend a minimum planned investment of :

  • $10,000 for laundry rooms & powder rooms
  • $25,000 for full bathrooms
  • $30,000 for kitchens

For all non kitchen and bath projects see our Just the Design Plan service