In-Home Styling

$1750 USD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build


  • Step 3: Styling Session
  • Step 2: In-Home Consultation
  • Step 1: Getting to Know You Phone Call & Questionnaire
  • Recommended Local Trade Professionals
  • Custom Styling Plan (Proposal)
  • Custom Styling Plan (Board)

Is the In- Home Styling service for you?

Have you recently purchased new furniture, but want someone to put the finishing touches on your space? Or maybe you're really happy with the furniture that you already have, but you would like to change your pillows, window treatments, accessories, and get a fresh new wall color. If this sounds like you, then our in-home styling is the perfect service!

Styling is a great service if you don't need big pieces of furniture and you just want to update the style of your space. You can see BIG changes in the look of your room with this services.

In our styling service we can address your color scheme, window treatments, rugs, art, accessories, lighting, and small pieces of "accent" furniture that does not require freight and a receiving warehouse, but can be shipped via FedEx or UPS. We use a mix of custom, semi-custom, and ready-made items to create a custom styling plan for your home.

What's Included?

Step 1: Project Initiation. At the end of the in-home consultation, you will approve the letter of agreement and secure your full-service design project.

Step 2: Measure Day. Measure day is when Paradigm Interiors takes accurate measurements and photographs of all of the spaces that you plan to remodel. This is also where the Paradigm Interiors team begins the creative process for your custom design plan. You do not need to be present for this visit. Expect 1-2 weeks between project initiation and measure day, depending on Paradigm Interiors availability. (1 hour)

Step 3: Design Plan. After the in-home consultation, we will create a custom styling plan for your space. This will include a color palette, fabric samples, and ideas for art and accessories based on your needs and your style. We will also create a proposal for the cost of goods Paradigm Interiors will be purchasing for you. (4 hours)

Step 4: Design Proposal. We will meet with you for one hour to review the custom styling plan and proposal. You will have an opportunity to request any revisions at this point. We will discuss in detail the items needed for revision. (1 hour)

Step 5: Approval. You will approve the custom styling plan and put a deposit down for any items that Paradigm Interiors will be purchasing for you. Custom items will be paid in full at this time. All non-custom items will require a 75% deposit.

Step 6: Procurement. Paradigm will order all special order and custom items. We will receive these items in our office and inspect them to ensure they are the correct item and free from damage. We will return/replace any deficient items for you. You will be notified once all of your items have been received and are ready for installation. Any items to be installed by a licensed trade will be brought to your home or delivered to the trade of your choosing. (4 hours)

Step 7: Fabrication. Fabrication occurs simultaneously with procurement. Paradigm Interiors will have all textiles delivered to the workroom and provide a detailed work order to have all window treatments and soft goods fabricated. (2 hours)

Step 8: Installation. You will coordinate the installation of any goods requiring a licensed contractor, e.g. lighting, wall-coverings, paint, window treatments etc. It is recommended that you use professionals who are licensed and insured for the installation of electrical elements and window treatments. For this reason, we will provide you with a list of trade professionals we recommend.

Step 9: Shopping. Paradigm Interiors will shop for additional accessories through our trade vendors, retail stores, AND local shops that carry unique one-of-a-kind items. We will also select items from our inventory. You will decide on styling day which of these items you will keep and which we will return on your behalf. Items that you have pre-approved during the Design Proposal phase and custom items are non-returnable because they have been pre-approved. (2 hours)

Step 10: Styling. The Paradigm Interiors team will bring the remaining art and accessories and style your home to perfection! You will decide which items you are keeping and Paradigm Interiors will document each item and its cost. We will return any items that you do not want to keep. (2 hours)

Step 11: Project Closure. Paradigm Interiors will send you a final invoice and a folder with project information. This usually occurs the first Friday after your project as all Paradigm Interiors invoices are sent on Fridays.

We offer a 10% discount if you book styling services for 3 or more rooms.

Costs beyond design fees: We recommend a minimum of $3000 for goods to be purchased, plus the cost of any trade work that needs to done for the project.