Full-Service Design

$5000 USD


  • Mid-Project Budget Review
  • Design Board Review
  • Trade Day
  • In-Home Consultation
  • Getting to Know You Phone Call & Questionnaire
  • Design Board
  • Design Proposal

Is Full-Service design for you?

Do you want to completely change the way your home looks? Do you need new furniture, new rugs, new color palette, new accessories, and new window treatments? Would you like some custom elements in your home?

AND… you want someone to take care of it all for you!

Full-service design is for clients in Orlando and the surrounding areas who want their project managed from inspiration to installation. We create a custom design plan to create a beautiful and functional space that expresses your life and your style. Through full-service design, Paradigm Interiors will completely transform your home through seamless project management taking all of the headaches out of your next design project.

What is included?

Step 1: Project Initiation. At the end of the in-home consultation, you will approve the letter of agreement and secure your full-service design project.

Step 2: Scheduling. After the contract is signed, the fees have been paid, and we have an investment for the project, Paradigm Interiors will begin scheduling trade day. You can expect a week or two to lapse between the in-home consultation and trade day. (2 hours)

Step 3: Trade Day. Trade day is when the Paradigm Interiors team meet all of the licensed trade professionals in your home to discuss your project. This will take about 4 hours and we try to limit it to one day to reduce the impact on your daily life. At this visit, we will take accurate measurements of all of the spaces that we plan to touch. All of the licensed trade professionals will provide estimates for the work needed. This is also where the Paradigm Interiors team begins the creative process for your custom design plan. You do not need to be present for this visit. You will not receive labor estimates on trade day. These will be part of the design presentation meeting. If your project requires a General Contractor, we will have a general contractor present on trade day. (4 hours)

Step 4: Planning**.** After Trade Day, Paradigm Interiors will create a custom design plan for your project. This will include a floor plan, a materials board, 1-2 perspective renderings per room, architectural detail drawings, color palette selection, initial project timeline, and investment proposal, which will include estimates for the entire project. We do not create a set of construction documents for your project until you have approved the design after the presentation meeting. This will take 4-6 weeks to complete. (12 hours)

Step 5: Presentation Meeting. Once the custom design plan is complete, we will schedule the presentation meeting. At this meeting we will review the floor plan, perspective renderings, materials board, architectural detail drawings, color palette, project timeline, and investment proposal. You will have the opportunity to request any revisions. All project stakeholders and decision makers must be present at this meeting and sign-off on the plan or revisions before we can move forward. If revisions are required, we will have a detailed conversation about any items requiring revision. Upon approval, you will pay a deposit for the project. All trade labor, special order, and custom items will be paid in full at this time. Ready-made items require a 75% deposit. (1 hour)

Step 6: Revisions. If revisions are required, Paradigm Interiors will make any needed revisions. We will schedule a quick follow-up meeting to review the revisions. All stakeholders and decision makers must be present for this meeting and sign-off on the design plan. (2 hours)

Step 7: Procurement. After the custom design plan is approved and deposits have been paid, Paradigm Interiors will be the ordering and procurement process. We schedule all items requiring freight delivery to arrive in the receiving warehouse as close together as possible to minimize storage time. Our warehouse inspects all items for damages and accuracy. Any items that do not require freight delivery will arrive at Paradigm Interiors and our team will inspect the item for accuracy and damages. Paradigm Interiors handles and returns or replacements for you. After inspection, we will deliver your items to the appropriate trade professionals for installation. We also take any textiles to the window treatment work room and/or upholsterer for fabrication, pick them up once they are made, and deliver them to the appropriate installers. We track and coordinate the receiving, installation, and delivery of all furniture, finishes, equipment, and accessories in a logical and practical manner. (4 hours)

Step 8: Construction Documents. Once the plans have been approved, we create a set of constructions documents that will be provided to the trade professionals. These documents are created from the presentation materials and will be printed at a local reprographic vendor. This occurs simultaneously with procurement. (2 hours)

Step 9: Demolition & Construction. Paradigm Interiors will schedule and coordinate with the construction and trade teams so that each trade is scheduled in a logical and timely manner minimizing your "down time." We make regular site visits during the construction phase and maintain constant contact with all trade professionals involved in the project so that we can address any questions about the design plan that may arise. The goal of trade professionals, including general contractors is to execute the plan in a way that is consistent with local codes so that your home will pass inspection if a permit is required. Often, they will find the quickest and least expensive solution to a problem. They are less concerned about the integrity of the aesthetics and functionality of your project. This is perfectly acceptable for a typical project. However, you have sought the services of an interior designer, which means that you want something beyond the typical. It is our goal at Paradigm Interiors to give you an extraordinary home with our award winning design standards. Therefore, our role in project management is to find creative solutions to problems that will maintain the integrity of the aesthetics and functionality of your project. (12 hours)

Step 10: Delivery & Installation Day. Once construction has concluded, Paradigm Interiors will schedule the delivery and installation of all non-construction items, such as window treatments, art, furniture, and accessories. We will try to limit this to 2 days, but on occasion this may take longer. (4 hours)

Step 11: Deficiencies. While Paradigm Interiors vigilantly monitors deficiencies throughout the project, we do a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is installed properly, is in good repair, and meets your satisfaction. All stakeholders and decision makers should be present for the walk-through. If we find any deficiencies, we will provide a satisfactory remediation. (2 hours)

Step 12: Photography. Once all deficiencies have been remedied to our satisfaction, Paradigm Interiors will document the project with "after" photography. On occasion, we may also ask for your permission to have your home published in a local, regional, or national publication. We will be on site for a minimum of 4 hours and up to 2 days depending on the scope of your project. We may also create videos on site to share on our website and social media channels. Your privacy will be maintained to the extent that you require. Prior to this will obtain a photography release. (Non-billable)

Step 13: Project Closure. We will provide you with a beautiful binder with before and after photos, project specifications, construction documents, photocopies of your design boards, care instructions, and warranty information. If you purchased any furniture with Crypton fabric, we will also provide you with a Crypton cleaning kit. (non-billable)

If you purchase full-service design for 3 or more spaces we will reduce your design fees by 10% for duplication of tasks.