Consultation - 4 Hours

Is this the right service for you?

  • You want to DIY a project, but would love a designer's eye to help select finishes, textiles, furniture, art, accessories, and/or paint colors

  • You want to redecorate or remodel three or more rooms in your home, but you want a cohesive look so that the new space(s) doesn't look out of place

  • You want to remodel your kitchen, bath, or laundry room as a DIY project, but want a designer to help with the general layout and finish selections

What's Included?

  • 240 minutes of virtual design consultation with Julie Lampe
  • Delivered over one 4-hour or two 2-hour sessions
  • Client questionnaire completed prior to the site visit to determine the focus of the consultation
  • During each session we will focus on specific design problems
  • Provide access to the virtual studio for up to 6 months after the consultation


  • Provide quick sketches of design ideas and concepts
  • Provide inspiration on the Mydoma mood board from items we discuss and share in the consultation
  • Detailed notes from the consultation
  • Organized Pinterest inspiration boards
  • One follow-up email

The following design problems can be solved during the consultation process:

  • Help you envision the style of your new space
  • Create a concept for the overall look for a multi-room project
  • Select a whole home color palette, including paint and accent colors
  • Select all finishes for kitchen and bath projects
  • Provide specific design and decorating ideas
  • Create a furniture space plan for 2-3 rooms
  • Make furniture, finish, and accessories selections using online vendors
  • Create a recommended space plan/cabinet layout for a kitchen, bath, or laundry room project
  • Discuss typical costs for your specific design project

note: all sketches created during consultations are final, no revisions will be made