Design in a Box

$1350 USD

Level of difficulty

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Price range of products

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  • 2. Design Board Review
  • 1. Getting Started Phone Call
  • Investment Worksheet & Furniture Pricing Guide


Unlike any other eDesign service, this is a LUXURY eDesign service that will deliver a magazine-ready look! We select furniture, fabrics, and accessories from our premium vendors. The best part is we take some of the headaches away because we do some remote project management for you by placing all of the orders, coordinating the shipments, and helping you schedule the delivery of the items. Though we can't be there to install everything, we can help you up to that point!

This service package is offered to local and remote clients, but is a completely virtual service and no in-home visits will be made. This service includes making all furniture, finish, and accessories selections, but is ideal for people who want to implement the design on their own.

Design in a box begins with a "Getting Started" video phone consultation that lasts up to 90 minutes. You will need to provide accurate measurements of your space upon request. Then, we will prepare a design proposal, furniture plan, product board, sample board, a list of items you will purchase on your own, and basic instructions for implementing the design.

You can opt to order any of the items through the "Design in a Box with Option to Buy" and Paradigm Interiors will place the orders on your behalf, schedule delivery of the items, and handle any issues with the order. Please see the "Design in a Box with Option to Buy" package for more details. A minimum order of $5000 is required.

What is included?

Step 1: Getting to know you call. This is the first step in all of our design projects. This gives us a chance to discuss your project and needs.

Step 2: Contract & Fees. At the end of the getting to know you call, we will review and sign the letter of agreement and pay the fees for your design in a box project. Design work does not begin until three things have happened: you sign the contract, you pay the design fees, and you give us an idea of what you plan to invest in furniture, finishes, equipment, and accessories for your space. Then, we will schedule the video consultation. (15 minutes)

Step 3: Video consultation. We have a 60-minute video consultation where we will discuss you space and you will give me a video tour. This is where the creative process will begin. I will take notes, we will review the measurement and give you some pointers on measuring the space. After the consultation has concluded, I will set up a private Pinterest board and you can start adding inspiration items. I will also send all the information you will need to get started in the virtual studio.

Step 4: Measurements. After the contract is signed, the fees have been paid, and we have an investment level for the project, you will need to measure the space(s) that you want designed. Measuring instructions are included in your project deliverables. I recommend measuring twice and getting someone to check behind your measurements. You will scan and upload the measurements into the "measurement files" section of the virtual studio. (non-billable)

Step 5: Planning**.** After you have submitted the measurement files, Paradigm Interiors will create a custom design plan for your project. This will include a floor plan, a materials board, 1 perspective rendering per room, architectural detail drawings, color palette selection, product specifications, and investment proposal. This will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Your product specifications will include the name of each item and a description of the item. For furniture, you will be given the dimensions and fabric colors/types to purchase for each item. You are free to purchase any item that meets the description and is within your budget (12 hours)

Step 6: Box Preparation. Paradigm Interiors will package the boards and specification book in a beautifully packaged 12"x12" box and ship it to your home. (30 minutes)

Step 7: Shipping & Review. Once the custom design plan is complete, we will ship the box to you and schedule a 60-minute project review via video call. At this meeting we will review the floor plan, perspective renderings, materials board, architectural detail drawings, color palette, project timeline, and investment proposal. You will have the opportunity to request any revisions. All project stakeholders and decision makers must be present at this meeting and sign-off on the plan or revisions before we can move forward. If revisions are required, we will have a detailed conversation about any items requiring revision. Upon approval, you will pay a deposit for the project. (75 minutes)

Step 8: Revisions. If revisions are required, Paradigm Interiors will make any needed revisions. We will schedule a quick follow-up meeting to review the revisions. All stakeholders and decision makers must be present for this meeting and sign-off on the design plan. (1-2 hours)

Minimum recommended investment for furniture, finishes, and accessories is at least $10,000.