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Cracker Coastal: Living Room

$97 USD

Level of difficulty

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Congratulations on the purchase of the beautifully curated "Cracker Coastal Living Room Package"! Here is how the package works:

  •   The "grand total" cost of this package if all goods are purchased will be approximately : $11,000, not including state sales tax, shipping/delivery fees, or installation services.
  •   You are only purchasing the curated board on this site
  •   You will need to use the links provided to purchase all desired items from each vendor
  •   Once your items are delivered you will install the items in your space

Purchase Agreement- By purchasing this package you are agreeing to the terms stated below:

  •   You are responsible for measuring your space and determining if the specified furnishings will fit! Paradigm Interiors is not responsible if an item is too large for your interior space.
  •   You are responsible for ensuring that all hardwired light fixtures are installed properly and meet your local building codes.
  •   There are no refunds on the purchase of this "Board Design Fee" in this package.
  •   Any returns or refunds on furnishings, finishes, art, and accessories is at the discretion and per the policy of each vendor. Paradigm Interiors is not responsible for any returns or refunds on goods purchased from other vendors.
  •   It is advised that you make purchases as soon as possible after purchasing your package. Vendors frequently run out of items in their stock and manufacturers discontinue items. Paradigm Interiors is not responsible for finding a suitable replacement item if this happens.


Paradigm Interiors has an affiliation with some of the vendors used in the design packages and may receive a commission on the sale of some of the items in this package.