Designer On Call: One Week

$147 USD

Level of difficulty

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  • 3build

Price range of products

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Designer on-call is a 100% virtual service that can be purchased for local and long-distance clients.

What is included in your package:

  •   Messaging access to me for one week through the virtual studio.

  •   Private Pinterest Collaboration board for sharing ideas and images.

  •   Virtual Studio for any notes or sketches from the on-call period.

  •   Advice and ideas for specific design problems

  •   Paradigm Interiors guide for painlessly choosing and sampling paint colors

  •   Access to all of our Pinterest styling boards.

About Paradigm Interiors Business Practices:

  •   Paradigm Interiors is based in Winter Park, FL and therefore uses Eastern Standard and Daylight Savings Time.

  •   "One week" is seven calendar days and begins the day after purchase. If you purchase the package on a weekend day, your package will begin and end on Monday.

  •   Response/acknowledgement of all messages by the end of the business day and answers to all questions within 24 hours except during weekend hours. If a message is sent during weekend hours (6pm Fri-8am Monday) it will be answered by noon on Monday.

  •   Business hours are 10-6 Monday-Friday.

  •   Packages are non-refundable.

By purchasing this package you agree to the above terms.